Our Projects

Full Apartment Loft Renovation in Vancouver, BC

full apartment upgrade in vancouver bc brian

Full Home Renovation

Vancouver East 4th

full apartment upgrade in vancouver bc brian

Renovation Reasons

Brian had newly purchased a two bedroom apartment loft in Vancouver BC and needed a full upgrade. He wanted his artistic character in the walls of this home, he wanted the light fixture to be unique to his own home and liking.


3 months


  • Flooring,
  • Trims,
  • Paint,
  • Lights,
  • Accessories

Our Approach

Our approach was to help our client update the aesthetics of their home, that’s what we did using flooring, new trims, tiles, gold edging, and wallpaper, texturing walls, etc…


Then we made a man happy and comfortable in a house, he calls it home. Now we have gained a friend.