Commercial Solar Energy

Commercial Solar Energy Panels in Tsawwassen

What is Solar Energy for Commercial?

Commercial Solar Energy

Do you want to use the sun to generate the electricity your company needs? With Lerazo, you can produce electricity immediately utilizing the sun’s limitless energy. You can get the power you need for your company at the cleanest, most cost-effective price by using solar energy electricity generation systems. Solar energy systems lower the cost of your company’s electricity bill by generating electricity from the sun’s rays.

Our Commercial Solar Panel Installation Process

Solar System Installation Contractors


In the exploration stage, the following elements are used

  • Calculating the amount of electricity required
  • Calculating the cost
  • Calculation of incentives and discounts
  • Making a road map.
Solar System Design Contractors


Based on the discovery, the need of your business is determined, and the best design to meet this need is created. The materials are then chosen. Then you will receive a price quote. Production begins after the submitted price offer is approved.

Solar System Establishment Contractors


Solar energy systems are installed and tested in your business after production is completed. Following the test, the system is delivered by informing the user about the procedure.

Which Businesses are Commercial Solar Panels Ideal for?

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Solar energy systems are an excellent way for almost any business to generate electricity. But in general, the following sectors prefer it.

  • Agriculture Related Businesses
  • Automakers And Dealers
  • Hotels And Resorts
  • Food Manufacturing Plants Manufacturing Plants
  • Retail Establishments

The Benefits of Commercial Solar Energy

Solar energy is suitable for both your health and your wallet. Solar energy has the following advantages:

Increased Investment

You can save money on your electricity bill and make a profit by making new investments with the money you saved by producing clean and renewable energy with solar energy systems.

No Maintenance Energy

Solar energy systems are made up of almost entirely maintenance-free components. As a result, maintenance costs are meager.

Government Rebates and Tax Credits

If you install solar energy systems, you may qualify for government rebates and be exempt from certain taxes.

Healthy Environment

Solar energy systems emit no harmful gases into the Environment. As a result, improve your company’s image in the eyes of the public while also protecting the Environment.

Establish Your Energy Independence

While you are meeting your business’s electricity needs from the mains, your power may be cut off for various reasons. However, suppose you meet your business’s electricity needs with solar energy systems. In that case, you will not be harmed by interruption and will not suffer any damage by continuing production.

Green Energy Homeowner Rebates & Incentives in Canada

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Agricultural Clean Technology Program

Get a discount of up to 50% on the price of the solar energy systems you install on your farm or field.

Solar Net-Metering & BC Hydro

You can generate income by selling the extra energy you have generated.

Business Tax Incentives For Clean Energy Equipment

You can benefit from incentives provided by the Income Tax Act and Income Tax Regulations, such as the Atlantic Investment Tax Credit and the Accelerated Cost of Capital Allowance.

BC PST Tax Exemption

Get your solar system’s equipment exempt from state sales taxes.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar Panels

Sunlight is captured by solar panels and used by inverters. After that, it sends it to the inverters.


Inventors process the solar panels’ stored energy to create electricity.

Smart Meter from BC Hydro

The smart meter from BC Hydro determines how much energy is generated by inverters, how much is used, and how much power is left over before giving you a report. You can determine how much electricity is still in excess and make money by selling it.

System Monitoring

System monitoring allows you to manage your system even when you are not working.

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How Much Does Solar Energy Cost?

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A few factors are considered when calculating the costs of solar energy systems. These elements begin with the amount of energy required and the dimensions of the area where the system will be installed. Solar energy systems are designed to meet the needs of the business. As a result, discussing the exact costs of solar energy systems is impossible.

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