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What is Solar Energy?

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Aside from what everyone knows, the sun is more than just a light source. The energy that powers our world is contained in a photon of sunlight. The earth receives more energy from the sun daily than the world’s electricity production capacity combined. These received energies are useless unless they are put to use. However, when they are processed, they produce much electricity. Solar panels use solar energy to generate electricity. The required electricity requirement can be met thanks to this transformation.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

Solar System Installation Contractors


Our expert team members conduct exploration studies in the area where the solar energy system will be installed using the free exploration form you can fill out on our website. During this exploration, you will learn how much of a solar system is needed for your home and how much of the area to be installed is suitable for a solar system. As a result, a plan will be created.

Solar System Design Contractors


3D modeling is created with the most appropriate aesthetics for you and your home using the information and measurements obtained during the exploration and licensed programs.

Solar System Contractor Price Offer Delta Canada


After completing the design, you will receive a plan and price offer. Following the completion of these conditions, the procurement and production phase begins.

Solar System Establishment Contractors


Solar energy systems are installed after supply and production are completed. After the installation is completed, the system is tested, and you can begin to benefit from the sun’s endless energy for many years.

The Benefits of Residential Solar Energy

Solar energy is suitable for both your health and your spending. Solar energy has the following advantages

Solar Energy Is Good For The Environment

Solar energy systems emit no harmful gases into the environment, such as exhaust or greenhouse gas. As a result, it is entirely environmentally friendly.

Solar Energy Raises The Value Of Your House

Houses with solar energy systems sell for more money than comparable homes, even though many people today ignore this fact.

Your Electricity Bills Will Be Lower

When you install solar energy systems, you can lower your electricity bill by meeting some or all of your current energy needs from the systems you have installed rather than from the grid. Not only that, but you can also profit from the excess energy you generate.

Raises Have No Effect On You

Your electricity costs from using the network may rise at regular intervals. Because you use the electricity you generate, price increases will not affect you if you have a solar energy system installed.

Establish Your Energy Independence

While meeting your electricity needs from the power grid, your power may be cut off for maintenance, repair, or other reasons. However, if you have a solar energy system in your home, you will be unaffected by this outage.

Homeowner Rebates & Incentives in Canada


Canada Greener Homes Grants Program

The Canadian federal government pays homeowners up to $5,000 under this program to make their homes’ energy use more efficient.

Solar Net-Metering & BC Hydro

You can earn credits by selling any excess electricity you generate.

BC PST Tax Exemption

Exempt your solar system equipment from state sales tax.

BC Regional District of Nanaimo Renewable Energy System incentive $250

This program enables homeowners to save money by switching to solar energy systems.

BC EV Charger Rebate Program

This program offers a 50% discount on the installation and purchase of a home charging station, up to a maximum of $350.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar Panels

Solar panels capture the sun’s clean rays and transfer them to inverters. As a result, energy production begins.


Inventors generate usable electricity by converting solar panels’ renewable and clean energy from DC to AC.

BC Hydro Smart Meter

The smart meter from BC Hydro calculates the amount of electricity you have produced, used, and have left. You can earn credits from these calculations by selling the electricity you generated.

System Monitoring

System monitoring enables you to access the system from anywhere, at any time, using your smartphone, computer, or tablet. You can immediately intervene in your system this way.

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How Much Does Solar Energy Cost?

A few factors are considered when calculating the costs of solar energy systems. The quantity of energy you require and the size of the space where the system will be installed come first in this list of components. The preparation of solar energy systems considers each person’s preferences and requirements. This makes discussing the actual costs of solar energy systems impossible. The table below, however, contains the typical cost of solar energy systems.

Smaller home systems (4-5 KW)

$8,390 and range to $11,970

Average home systems (7-10 KW)

$13,780 and range to $20,580

Larger home systems (12-18 KW)

$22,960 and range to $37,990

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