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13kW Solar Roof Installation

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Solar Energy


This Solar roof project was designed, installed and commissioned for use in 2020 in Istanbul/Turkey, with the partnership of Kolay Energy and Lerazo Green Energy. Total installed power 13kW. The project was completed in 2 weeks and started to produce electricity. Lerazo Green Energy and Kolay Energy provided EPC services in this project. The project was designed as an on-grid and the excess electricity produced is sold to the grid. High efficiency LG solar panel was used in the project. In addition, a lithium battery system was used in the project to prevent power cuts.

Lerazo Green Energy provides every customer with high-quality, turnkey solar solutions and energy management software. We take care of every aspect of the system, from system design to installation and commissioning for customers. We also provide free consulting services for customers to take advantage of government rebates and benefits. You can contact us so that we can complete your turnkey solar projects as soon as possible with our international experience.