• HRF Varnish
  • Top Coat
  • 2nd Ceramic Layer
  • Sand Layer
  • 1st Ceramic Layer
  • Genuine Cork Veneer
  • Core

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Natural Cork Flooring

The Opus Naturcork line is an exceptional eco-product with a significant capacity to hold CO2. QUERCUS SUBER L woods, made up of Portuguese cork oak trees, capture over 14 million tonnes of CO2 annually. No trees are harmed or cut during the harvesting.
Our Naturcork line floors are made from cork that is 100% pure natural and comes from cork trees that are never cut down; thus, the cork trees will always be a carbon sink. Lowering global warming and creating a negative carbon footprint advances the sustainability of our planet in general. Opus is entirely aware of how crucial it is to preserve our environment. The Opus Naturcork range is among the most rational and environmentally friendly options.

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Natural Cork Flooring Specifications

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Naturcork flooring features:


The elastic nature of Naturcork’s natural cork structure relieves your feet, joints, and back from walking and standing.


Our flooring is comfortably warm because of Naturcork’s natural thermal insulation qualities. They offer a high level of comfort all year round and a pleasant and inviting floor temperature, even for bare feet.


All of our floors are exceptionally quiet because of the particular structure of the cork. Your home will be more peaceful and serene due to the cork’s ability to minimize sound transmission between and within rooms.

Indoor Air Quality

The surface finish on Naturcork flooring actively contributes to a clean and sanitary environment by preventing trapped dirt, dust, bacteria, and mold.


Despite years of use, Naturcork flooring maintains its aesthetic quality.

Easy upkeep

All that is needed is a vacuum cleaner and a mop.


100% natural cork products like Naturcork and Greenflow include cork veneers laminated to standard cork cores as part of their construction. These cork cores are made with leftover cork from wine bottle stoppers, which would otherwise go to waste.

For the veneer, various angles and cuts are made in the cork bark. The substance is then fused to create a block. As the front is removed from the partnership, several images are produced, including a range of surface textures like wood, providing the natural look of cork bark.

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