• 18mm thick, superior 4mm veneer, random length 1’4″-5’6″, 6’’ wide
  • Strong core- multilayers (9 layers)
  • Strong design- eucalyptus & poplar core
  • Stable structure- vertical & horizontal crossed
  • Designed & manufactured eco friendly
  • Lacey Act compliant
  • NWFA

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Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Shawnee is more robust and thicker (3/4″), with a 4mm wear layer (9-layer multiply construction). Available in American Walnut, French Oak, and Canadian Maple. To help you create the Natural, Healthy, and Inspiring living place you’ve been searching for, Shawnee is designed, built, and produced following Opus Floors Canada’s environmentally friendly standards.

The engineered hardwood floors of the Opus Shawnee Series are treated with UV urethane, aluminum oxide, and specific matte finishes emphasized by subdued hand scrape or wire brush textures. European oak, Canadian maple, and American walnut are all readily available.

Opus’s thicker wear layer and environmentally safe adhesives round out our superior multi-ply construction for excellent stability and a longer lifespan.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Specifications

engineered hardwood flooring color shawnee

engineered hardwood flooring specs shawnee

Wood Features

There may be slight color and texture variances between samples, sample pictures, and the flooring you buy.

When the flooring is evaluated before installation in your home, business, or job site and is approved for installation following the inspection, the best consumer satisfaction and product installation results are obtained.

Please talk to the installer or the retailer where you bought the product if you have any concerns.

Opus advises seeing at least two boxes on the job site before approving and installing them.

The flooring is regarded as accepted once it is installed.

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Additional information


UV Oil/Aluminum Oxide Finish




4mm approx. 1/5''

Total Thickness

18mm approx. 3/4''


9 layers poplar and eucalyptus


400-1900mm approx. 1'4''-6'3''


Up to 190mm approx. 7½''




25 years residential